Saturday, 10 March 2012

My Week In Paris... Day Three.


So Wednesday was the day we were scheduled to visit the trade fair IndigoCleveland College of Art and Design had a stand at Indigo and was hoping to sell some of my fellow students' work. Unfortunately, I couldn't take any photos inside the trade fair but I do have some to show you guys...
It took us about 3 metros to get to the Indigo show but we got there eventually!

Indigo was a very overwhelming experience. You didn't know where to look first! There was surface design, fashion fabrics everywhere! The only trouble was, if you weren't buying then you couldn't really touch any of the work. But otherwise it was an amazing experience to see how industry works.

After Indigo, me and my friend visited Notre Dame. I cant deny this was the best day out of my five days away!

First sighting of the famous Notre Dame

Waiting for crepes!

My first ever crepe. Far too excited!

Notre Dame Cathedral

The architecture is absolutely stunning.....


Prayer candles

After the Notre Dame, we accidentally found the Latin Quarter (I think.) So we stopped off for hot chocolate. I had chocolate and chilli :)

Sipping hot chocolat in Notre Dame. Tres Chic.
After this we accidentally found an ice rink so we thought "Why the hell not?!"

This was my first time ice skating, so exciting. Shame I looked like bambi on ice....

Raring to go

Well I hope you liked day 3 in Paris! Keep checking out my blog to see what I done on day 4 :)

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