Tuesday, 6 March 2012

My Week In Paris....Day Two


So on Tuesday we decided to visit The Eiffel Tower. I mean, The Eiffel Tower on Valentine's day! How exciting?!

My 1st ever spotting of The Eiffel Tower

We were picked up by the coach and dropped off right outside the Eiffel Tower

Going up....


What a view!

At the top!

Going down...

Whilst waiting for the lift on the way down an older couple got engaged. On Valentine's Day! How sweet!

Just for fun!

After the fun trip up The Eiffel Tower, me and my friends went for food at a nice restaurant.

We then went shopping at the famous Champs Elysees.

Louis Vuitton has the whole block!

 Hope you enjoyed Tuesday's update. See you soon for Wednesday's Diary post <3


  1. Woah the views from the tower are amazing. You got some skills with the camera too.. nice one Kayleigh :)