Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Feature

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a great halloween and havent ate too many sweets and candy. I thought, since it was Halloween I'd update my blod since Im feeling in the spirit of things! This feature is about a new found love in the Photography duo Mert&Marcus. They do stunning fashion shots and have worked for a range of fashion magazines like Vogue and Dazed and Confused. The pair are well known for their portraits of strong, sophisticated women and their work has a very distinctive look. Their work has a very sinister "Edward Scissorhands" (Tim Buton) kind of aesthetic. Dark, myserious and stunning are the words that I would use to describe their shots. An absolute feast for the eyes!!!Visit their website for more information...

Here's some Halloween inspired shots.  Hope you enjoy!! Comments are welcome! :)

Friday, 28 October 2011

Construction Workshops

Iv'e recently been taking part in construction workshops over the past few weeks. This leads on from my last post as my drawing will be used to screen print with and then be applied to a cushion design. My finished product will be a made cushion. Here's some photographs of my samples from the workshops...

Straight piping, corner piping and buttonhole samples.

Cushion sample with piping, button holes and buttons.

My sample of a cusion with a 6' zip. I don't want to bore everyone, just wanted to show you guys my progress with this project!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Welcome To My Blog

Hey Guys,

My name is Kayleigh Falcus and Im currently studying on the 2nd year Fda in Contemporary Texiles. I enjoy anything creative and getting messy!

My current project is based on a trend called "Epiphany" which celebrates the things in life that ground us. Family history and heirlooms play a big part in this trend. This trend has a very sinister and myseterious, dark feel to it. A greyscale, restrained colour palette is key and warm textures like wood, leather and satin help to evoke memories from the past. I decided to think about how precious, new, shiny objects which people accumilate over the years become old, dusty and hidden. For my initial research, I needed images to depict this idea so I sourced objects and set up a photoshoot with amazing photographer, Cody Gibson. Check out her work at Cody Gibson or look her up on Flickr at codygibson55

I then began to draw from the these images but struggled to gain drawings which I like... So I began to draw from things I'd found outside. Leaves, twigs, berries, feathers and maple seeds or helicopters. I used a range of mixed media including pencils, graphite stick, ink, permanant marker, pen and water among other medias.
Acrylic and pencil on cartridge paper.

HB pencil on tracing paper.

More HB pencil on cartridge paper.

Permanant markers on acetate, then applied to cartridge paper with an acrylic paint background.

The feather was created using a bleeding technique with felt tip pen and water. This is one of my favourite drawings so far. The maple seed (Top right) was made using a screenwash technique from my original drawing then using felt tip pen to trace the faint lines. The bottom maple see was drawn using HB pencil on white cartridge paper. I think this is a very detailed, analytical drawing which could be develpoed further into surface designs for furnishing fabrics.

This is a composition of the previous feather, using the ink and water bleeding technique. I created a painterly, textured background using acrylic paint on cartridge paper and torn brown paper.
I hope you enjoy looking at my work.
Stay tuned for more posts!