Thursday, 5 July 2018

Gateshead Galivanting: Container Village - By The River Brew Co

On Monday evening, I wandered down the the Gateshead Quayside to see the newest watering hole in Gateshead. The Great Exhibition of the North has been the powering force behind this and it truly is lovely to see some investment to the Gateshead side of the river. The location spot was previously derelict and has now been regenerated and breathed new life into this area.

The container village is made up of a handful of carefully selected brands from By The River Brew Co which also Houses Trakol - an open flame kitchen. Bookings only restaurant, so maybe grab food before you head down if you can't get booked in! After a very busy Monday, we thought it would have been rude not to test out By The River Brew Co's wine... 

In the glowing afternoon/early evening summer sunshine, this spot is a true delight. I could not be more proud to be from gateshead, and see it shining the only way we know how - with a sense of community. This place has brought people to the 'other side' of the river and it couldn't be more glorious to watch people enjoying it. 

The Backyard Bike Shop & Coffee Shop, previously based in Ouseburn and Covert Cocktails. Tonight sees the pop up food market open made up local food businesses, to keep it fresh and bring new variations of dishes to the Hillside Quayside. Names you'll recognise if you eat in Newcastle often. Lola Jeans, Dabbawal, Oktopus & Scream for Pizza

In a world where consumerism is so hyped, it's lovely to see a space be transformed from an unused piece of land into a thriving, buzzing space where people can come, be fed and watered and shed the stress of  the working week! 

If you're yet to try out this place, what are you waiting for?? Go give Gateshead some love and keep us growing! 

Sunday, 24 June 2018

Launch Love: Churchill x London Bar & Kitchen Showcase

Recently I attended a product lunch at London Bar & Kitchen in Newcastle. They were showcasing the luxurious, unique plate collection by Churchill

The collection has some gorgeous colours and even a non symmetrical pebble shaped plate but I went for the Agate Grey one from their Stone collection which, as you can see is a gorgeous shade and beautifully textured. They have carefully orchestrated collections in different colours, textures and shapes so if you're looking for something a little more luxe and unique, Churchill has got you! 

What better use for a plate than to display jewels, right?! (Apart from eating. My fave past time!) The Churchill range is vailable from London Bar & Kitchen situated on Queen Street in Newcastle. 

These necklaces are currently being listed on Etsy, so you'll be able to shop the collection even faster! 

Friday, 1 June 2018

Wine & Women: Ladies Wine & Design 1st Birthday

On Wednesday evening I headed out the the Ladies Wine & Design 1st Birthday bash. Ladies Wine & Design is an initiative to bring creative females together and you can read about it in one of my previous posts here

The event was hosted by The Biscuit Factory and we were greeted with a glass of wine on entrance (obvs) and give a name sticker with an assigned letter.  We then were taken through to the Factory Kitchen which is the restaurant section of the gallery. The assigned letter corresponded with the table we were to it at. This was a great way to get us interacting out of our usual 'friend groups.' 

We were introduced to the evening by founder of LWD Newcastle, Juli Vignette. She explained to those who had never attended a LWD event before what it's all about and the idea behind the events. Then we were told our first activity as to design a bottle of wine inspired by all of the women at our tables. We had to design the label, come up with a name & tagline, ingredients (strength, wine, sass and more amazing stuff!) and our target audience. This was such a fun and creative way for us all to get to know each other! 

We then had a little break for food (omg delicious) supplied by Factory Kitchen. Vegetarian banquet which was fit for a queen! I'll let the photos speak for themselves....

After food, we regathered again for our quiz! The quiz was in 3 parts of quotes, songs including the word 'lady' and then cropped images of famous women throughout the years. We thought we'd totally nailed this one and had it done super quick - only to find out we'd been given the answer sheet! All the women in the room found this utterly hilarious as did we. 

The winners of the table got presented with their prize of a lovely illustrated book called "Great Women in History." So appropriate and thoughtful! 

This was the end of the activities so we got a chance to network with the other tables, enjoy the awesome (female of course) @telstarrrrr ! There was women from all different areas of the creative sector of different ages which makes me so happy! Ladies Wine & Design doesn't discriminate on gender or occupation. If you're looking to broaden your creative network of lovely ladies, please check it out, give them a follow on Facebook & Instagram and try and get along to one of their next events. You'll have a blast - promise! 

Professional shots: Marion Botella Photography 

Sunday, 29 April 2018

La Di Da Secret Pop Up Warehouse Party: Gin Cocktails & Secret Passwords

For those of you who follow my Instagram stories, you will have seen what I got up to on Thursday evening. For those who don't, let me share my adventure with you!

I was invited to a secret pop up warehouse party hosted by La Di Da Magazine. I was invited by email and told to enter via a specific entrance with a black door. Once there I would be greeted by a man dressed in black and he would ask me a question. To answer this, all guests had to memorise a secret password phrase to gain entry.

From here we were lead to the NEXT store in a private section upstairs from the store. As the store is newly opened, this area of the 'back' of the store is still unfinished and sporting plasterboard. Despite the industrial, undone feel, the space had been transformed to the perfect party space. Furniture from NEXT was cleverly placed with distressed rugs, textured throws and beautiful occasional tables.

On arrival I was greeted with gin in a teacup. I repeat, gin in a teacup!  A pop up bar and DJ Stephen Love kept the vibe high and the drinks were just delicious. The bar was the handywork of Durham Distillery who distil all of their gin locally. The drinks kept flowing with different variations of drinks using some of their different flavoured gins!

Gorgeous teacups by The Vintage Tea Party

Catering was provided by The French Oven and was divine! The table was scattered with rose heads and the food was the perfect addition to the gin cocktails. Gorgeous finger food and gin, what more could you want on a Thursday evening?! 

Later on in the evening, once NEXT was closed to customers we were taken downstairs and told we could pick any item we'd like from the store as a gift. 


The pressure of having to pick something you'd love from NEXT was intense. Limited on time, overwhelming range of gorgeous products and trying to pick the perfect thing was a lot to process! We were all frantically wandering round the empty store with disbelief. 

Fuelled with gin and food, I had a really good look around and spotted a few different key pieces which I liked. We were allowed to try items on and so I found the changing rooms. Not to be dissapointed, gorgeous, light space with velvet seating, gold drop lighting, plants and much needed huge mirrors. 

I ended up opting for a vertical stripe, classic 1950's style tailored, belted dress. This piece gives me nostalgia of the British Summertime, spent on beaches and eating ice cream. It's perfect to wear for professional occasions with its tailored cut but the belt offers the option to make it a looser silhouette ruching he top section over the belt to create more of a relaxed style!

After the gifting, we were then treated to more gin goodness. The Metrocentre train was also on hand for tipsy train rides. Just when you thought the surprises were finished!

Before leaving, each guest was given a goody bag filled with treats from NEXT & Durham Distillery which I will certainly make the most of. Thank you so much La Di Da for the invite and for hosting such a fabulous event! 

Monday, 12 March 2018

Snowflake Surge : Business As Usual

It's safe to say the majority of the country was hit 2 weeks back, with the most snow we've seen in a long time. Safe to say it's the most snow I've seen in my lifetime! The North is not a stranger to cold weather but this was next level. 

The snow started and kept coming, it was magical to watch it come don albeit a bit strange at the end of February/beginning of March! The big fat snowflakes came thick and fast, on and off and some days didn't stop at all. Some areas in Northumberland and higher locations were seeing considerably more than us. However, the blizzard weather combined with thunder and lightening 

As a small business, these things can unexpectedly halt supplies, mailing and much more. I wanted to make sure everyone would get their parcels on time as usual so I was walking to the post office almost daily to ensure these parcels got out to you all... 

I value each and every order that makes it to me and of course, strive to maintain the same level of customer service regardless of things out of my control. Trecking to the post office kept the business running ad usual and glad to say no parcels were delayed. Luckily, non of mine were caught in the lorries stuck on the motorway when it was closed on the Thursday and really pushed to get everything out on time! You lot kept me busy with Mother's Day orders while the snowflakes were piling up outside.  Business as usual despite these crazy conditions! I did feel a little nostalgic and it all shook our regular routine up a little which I didn't mind. 

At the end of a manic but fun week, I managed to make the most of the snow and enjoy a glass or two of bubbles as a reward...