Thursday, 5 July 2018

Gateshead Galivanting: Container Village - By The River Brew Co

On Monday evening, I wandered down the the Gateshead Quayside to see the newest watering hole in Gateshead. The Great Exhibition of the North has been the powering force behind this and it truly is lovely to see some investment to the Gateshead side of the river. The location spot was previously derelict and has now been regenerated and breathed new life into this area.

The container village is made up of a handful of carefully selected brands from By The River Brew Co which also Houses Trakol - an open flame kitchen. Bookings only restaurant, so maybe grab food before you head down if you can't get booked in! After a very busy Monday, we thought it would have been rude not to test out By The River Brew Co's wine... 

In the glowing afternoon/early evening summer sunshine, this spot is a true delight. I could not be more proud to be from gateshead, and see it shining the only way we know how - with a sense of community. This place has brought people to the 'other side' of the river and it couldn't be more glorious to watch people enjoying it. 

The Backyard Bike Shop & Coffee Shop, previously based in Ouseburn and Covert Cocktails. Tonight sees the pop up food market open made up local food businesses, to keep it fresh and bring new variations of dishes to the Hillside Quayside. Names you'll recognise if you eat in Newcastle often. Lola Jeans, Dabbawal, Oktopus & Scream for Pizza

In a world where consumerism is so hyped, it's lovely to see a space be transformed from an unused piece of land into a thriving, buzzing space where people can come, be fed and watered and shed the stress of  the working week! 

If you're yet to try out this place, what are you waiting for?? Go give Gateshead some love and keep us growing! 

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