Thursday, 29 December 2011

Sneak Peak!

Hey guys... Here's a sneak peak at my latest project for my uni brief. The brief is an embroidery based assignment in which I have to design and make a bag with a clasp and a fashion accessory of some sort. I don't want to give too much away but here's a few images to give you a taster of things to come...


Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Eugenia Alejos - Fashion Designer & Illustrator

Eugenia Alejos was born in April, 1987, Spain. Alejos is an independent fashion designer/illustrator. She graduated with honours (BA) in the High School of Fashion in Burgos. In her final year of the course she specialised in fabrics. Her fashion line is one of a very high standard with perfect finishes and high quality fabrics. She also designs shoes and accessories to compliment her line. The accessories are minimalistic but artworks in their own right. She combines her passion for design with illustration. I think her illustrations are an extension of her thought process.

Her illustrations are very tactile pieces which incorporate a lot of different techniques and media. She uses stitch, paper, fabric on top of what look like photos and screen washed images. They have a surreal, dream like quality.

The use of peep holes in fabric with paper showing through

Machine stitch with paper and fabric

Fabric is manipulated into layers and scrunched up to create texture

Brightly coloured thread contrasts with what looks like hair on this piece

Her latest collection is a collection of metallics, knit wear and leather accessories. The contrast of wool and leather help balance out this menswear collection. Greys and blacks are injected with a flash of metallic turquoise. The way the accessories have been constructed makes me think of body armour.

Monday, 26 December 2011

Christmas Feature- Gaga's Workshop opens at Barneys NY

We thought Lady Gaga had done it all... But yet again she has outdone herself. She has conquered the music world, and has now turned her hand to retail by opening a pop-up store
in Barneys, New York which will last for the festive season. For the first time ever, Barneys has converted an entire floor of the Madison Square flagship store. The experience starts from the street with a huge colourful character of Lady Gaga  herself with outstretched arms which seems to be on fire. Her mouth frames the side entrance of the Barnys store.  A range of limited edition products have been designed under the close direction of Lady Gaga and Nicola Formichetti. The store looks like a cross between Santa's grotto and a production by Tim Burton.

The best part? Barneys are donating 20% of sales from GAGA'S WORKSHOP to the Born This Way Foundation which was recently launched by Lady Gaga.

At the opening of Gaga's Workshop, the pop queen turned up wearing a creation by Karl Lagerfeld. With a typical monochrome Chanel feel, Gaga looked like a porcelain doll wearing a huge puff dress. The outfit was accessorised with cascading pearls, black fingerless gloves and a black fascinator. She cut the opening ribbon using a pair of brightly over sized scissors. In true Gaga style, more is more!

Lady Gaga opening 'Gaga's Workshop'


A scetch of the dress by Karl Largerfeld for Lady Gaga

Inside the store, Gaga appears everywhere. Coloured stripes and blotches move around in the essence of a fun house. Her signature red lips appeared on a lollipop train, a spider sporting her head, a Lady Gaga Mrs Potato head and a statue of her with twisted limbs wearing a red catsuit with blue hair and long fingernails.

 Items on sale include jewellery, books, toys, cosmetics, apparel, media and festive gifts.

Joe Nigel Coleman - Photographer

Joe Nigel Coleman is a new discovery of mine. He is an Australian photographer who's photos have a mesmerising effect. His pieces are basically a showcase of the vast outdoors. The impression I get from his photos is that he spend a lot of time camping, exploring and documenting these life experiences. Joe only shoots using film which means it is a risk and a sort of mystery before the photos are produced properly. They have not been edited or changed in any way using programs such as Adobe Photoshop. I think personally, this takes a lot of talent to capture these shots on film. Most photographers shy away from using film because it is risky. His use of natural light is stunning!

I thought his shots are very appropriate and comforting for this time of year.

To check out an interview with the up and coming photographer himself, check out Orange Juice.