Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Embroidery Update

Sorry if I haven't been blogging for a while, but I have been power stitching for my deadline in 2 weeks time! Thought I'd give yous a quick update to see how I'm getting on...

Machine embroidery and beadwork

All finished :)

Satin stitch

Machine embroidery

Using stitch and tear so that the sewing machine doesnt ruin my silk

Machine embroidery to the section of the dinosaurs tail.

More machine embroidery

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Atsuko Kudo for the V&A Museum

Atsuko Kudo is a latex designer who has been asked to take part in the iconic V&A Museum spring exhibition. The galleries has recently just been refurbished which should be a tremendous setting for this exhibit. The 'Ballgowns - British Glamour Since 1950' will be showcasing gowns from the past 6 decades focusing on British designers. The exhibition will run from May 19th 2012 until January 6th 2013, so if you want to go and check it out make a date in your dairies! Kudo was asked to provide a dress which "represents the contemporary aspect of ballgowns." The dress was modelled by Georgia Frost (shown below) which is one of Atsuko Kudo's favourite models. The gown is printed latex with a lace print and is a strapless piece. Other designers who are expected to exhibit are  Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Julian Macdonald, Giles, Norman Hatrnell , Erdem, Ossie Clark, Hussien Chalayan, Zandra Rhodes,Jonathan Saunders , Victor StiebelBill Gibb and Catherine Walker.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Maren Esdar - Illustrator

Maren Esdar is an illustrator who's work I have been aware of since I done my Btec in art and design at GCSE level at high school. I found her pieces in an illustrator book and but didn't take notice of the name. Esdar's latest collection of illustrations is entitled "Phobia." She studied as both a stylist and an illustrator in London and Germany. Her illustrations are composed by both hand and computer and look delicate yet ugly. The digital element is definitely obvious and I love it! The illustrations look like something out of a dream and have a surreal feeling. At first look the proportions spark something unsettling but on a closer look you find her portraits and figures are made out of unexpected objects like a woman wearing a dress made out of spider anatomy. Her ability to see the beauty and possibilities in the more unsuspecting objects.


Thursday, 5 January 2012

Kevin Cooley - Photographer

Kevin Cooley is a photographer who produces amazing landscape shots which, for me seem to have quite an impact. A lot of his recent pieces are of icy lands and snow. He explores mans existence on this plant and the effect we're making. Check out his shots...

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Shopping Trip

So yesterday I took a shopping trip to Hobbycraft for some supplies I needed for my uni project. They have a sale on at the moment with some decent discounts so if anybody out there is needing arts and crafts supplies then you should head there!

I bought this Siesta embroidery hoop which is plastic and metal. I have been advised to buy this type of hoop as I mentioned to a friend that my fabric becomes loose after a while of sewing using a traditional wooden one.

I got this Siesta 10" Supergrip Embroidery hoop because one of my prints in which I plan on beading in to is 10 inches wide and I couldn't have used a smaller hoop and moved it along because it would distort the bead work. This was a must have!

While I was there I grabbed some beads too... These ones are The Craft Factory. I cant find a direct link to that company. I think they sell wholesale to companies but as an individual it is hard to find them on line. I bought black seed beads, silver grey bugle beads and purple heather rocailles beads (which look more brown than purple.)

I also bought these silver bridal beads... They don't really fit with my current colour scheme but I've decided if I am going to use them I could just spray paint them to fit my needs.

After I visited Hobbycraft, I went to Ikea to check out some new furniture and also got a bunch of tape measures since I'm forever losing mine! These paper ones are super handy for me...

Tape measures from Ikea