Saturday, 7 January 2012

Maren Esdar - Illustrator

Maren Esdar is an illustrator who's work I have been aware of since I done my Btec in art and design at GCSE level at high school. I found her pieces in an illustrator book and but didn't take notice of the name. Esdar's latest collection of illustrations is entitled "Phobia." She studied as both a stylist and an illustrator in London and Germany. Her illustrations are composed by both hand and computer and look delicate yet ugly. The digital element is definitely obvious and I love it! The illustrations look like something out of a dream and have a surreal feeling. At first look the proportions spark something unsettling but on a closer look you find her portraits and figures are made out of unexpected objects like a woman wearing a dress made out of spider anatomy. Her ability to see the beauty and possibilities in the more unsuspecting objects.


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