Monday, 27 August 2012

Damien Hirst Union Jack

So I'm still stunned by The Olympic Closing Ceremony and the mass of British talent that was mustered together in one arena. Amongst the British talent, there was one who was behind the scenes of the centre piece of the ceremony. Damien Hirst was the creative mind behind the Union Jack stage which the athletes accumulated on and famous vocal artists and dancers performed on during the night. The distinctive 'spin-painting' was made up of of red, white and blue. What I wanna know is.....
what happens with it now?
Does Damien take it home and keep it in his back yard?
Does it stay in the Olympic Arena?
Does the Queen get to keep it to play an altered version of patriotic Twister???



Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Best of British Fashion

So the closing ceremony of the Olympics had many surprises but one I was really glad to see was the celebration of the British fashion industry. Floats covered in billboard size posters of models rolled into the Olympic stadium. Then to have the posters fall down to reveal stunning models in stupendous appropriate gold gowns. The star line up included Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Lily Donaldson, Lily Cole, David Gandy, Karen Elson, Jourdan DunnGeorgia May Jagger and Stella Tennant. They done their fiercest walks from each corner of Damien Hirst's union jack to the middle with David Bowie's, 'Fashion' as their patriotic fashionable soundtrack.
Their designers names were of the elite! Alexander McQueen, Paul Smith, Victoria Beckham, Erdem, Vivienne Westwood's Gold Label, Burberry and Christopher Kane repped' the British Fashion industry! Amazing! Flawless styling and renowned British sophistication once again!
Kate Moss looking fierce and totally owning it!


Monday, 13 August 2012

Olympics Closing Ceremony

So lastnight was the Olympics Closing Ceremony and I'm feeling slightly depressed that we have to wait another 4 years! I have to say that the Closing Ceremony was absolutly breath taking and sublime! There was a variety of music from Jessie J,Emile Sande, Queen, Tinie Tempah, Taio Cruz among Madness, George Michael, Annie Lennox and Take That. Jessie J and the appearance of Freddie Mercury on the huge screens on stage were amazing. Strobe lights and Fatboy Slim lit up the stage as he stood in a massive inflatable octopus!

Fatboy Slim DJ'ing in the inflatable octopus!
Jessie J arrived in a roofless car, wearing a gorgeous embellished leotard!
An artistic set up of the London skyline
The Olympic Arena lit up by lights and fireworks!

Expanded Rainforest Collection

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Friday, 10 August 2012

Kayleigh Falcus Earrings

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Interview with artist, Cain Wheale

So a few days ago, portrait artist, Cain Wheale. I interviewed him and asked him as I'm so interested in his work.

Me: Ok. 1st question. How did you start doing portraits (Famous and non famous)?

Cain Wheale: Well I first started off drawing with a comic book style.. And always enjoyed drawing people, And designing characters and found myself enjoying designing the faces more so.. Then I just decided one day that I want to give the comicy stuff a rest for a bit and focus on real self portraits, So I bought a few books with the basics in them and went from there really! most of what I have now is self taught though.

Me: So what course did you study on and where did you study?

Cain Wheale: I studied Media at Brighton City College. The course was mainly script writing, Advert writing, And short film writing. And then the pre-production stage. And also getting the chance to film them too, Luck enough to use the high res cameras that real film makers get to use. Then once that's all done use professional software to edit it up to the final product, The only drawing involved was the storyboards, And poster design.. Not to sure as to why I never chose art!

Me: Well that is an interesting journey. Would you like to expand your art or be more experimental in the future? Try new techniques or medias like paint or chalks?

Cain Wheale: I do plan on experimenting with other medias! I have done a few chalk drawings here and there, Difficult to use, But at the same time the results looks amazing.. Even for a beginner like me.. And have always been interested in painting, One day I will definitely give that a go

Me:  Do you have any artists or any people in general who inspire you?

Cain Wheale: I've always been a fan of Frank Miller. His comic style has helped me with a lot of the shading work I do, And just comic artists in general, Because transferring the skills I've taken from being such a big fan of comics really helped me get into drawing portraits, For example the use of cross hatching is used by a lot of artists, And from all the years of just drawing and focusing on that side of art has helped with my knowledge of shading, Once you get the basics of that down, you can pretty much transfer it onto any drawing style!

Me: Yeah, I think that influence shows a lot in your work! Old school comic style. Lastly, I'd like to ask, what is your dreams and goals for the future concerning your art? Would you like to be selling in galleries? Have a socialite (Damien Hirst type) lifestyle? Do you wanna get big or just get by?

Cain Wheale: Thank you! Well art is a big part of my life.. So I'd like to get my work out there on a bigger scale, I will have to start looking into building a website showcasing my art on a wider scale. Setting up a Facebook page has definitely increased the numbers of people approaching me about wanting work done. But as I say, one day for definite I will move on to more professional ways of getting my work out there!

Me: Sounds exciting. If customers want to contact you for prices or any other enquiries, how should they contact you?

Cain Wheale: Well at the moment Facebook is definitely the easiest way. I'm always getting people messaging me asking for stuff done, With it being so easy to get in touch and talk to people about what they want, Facebook for now is definitely the easiest way to get hold of me!

Me: Ok, great. I'm looking forward to seeing big things from you!

Cain Wheale: Thank you! And thanks for the support.

Contact Cain Wheale on his Facebook Page for enquiries, to check out his work and to support him!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

First Customer

So recently I had my first ever order from a lovely customer and I think she is very happy with her accessories she bought from me! To check out my work or enquiries of prices contact me at my Facebook Page or email me at

This is the necklace which my customer ordered.

Ready to be posted!

My lovely customer sent me this photo of herself wearing a pair of earrings she also recieved from me!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Pencil Portrait by Cain Wheale

So I mentioned that an artist called Cain Wheale was doing my portrait. He's done it in one day. Man, this guy works fast! I am super pleased with it! He takes commissions and it very fairly priced! You can contact him on his Facebook Page for prices and to check out his previous portraits. Below is the original image and below that is the pencil portrait by Cain Wheale.

I'm extremely happy with it. Massive thanks and shout out to Mr.Wheale!

Cain Wheale

Hi guys... I've been contacted by a british artist called Cain Wheale from Brighton. He requested that he draw a portrait of myself and I am super excited to see it! He does amazing black and white pencil work (mainly.)  He takes comissions so if you want any work done go check out his Facebook Page.

Marylin Monroe. Image courtesy of Cain Wheale.

"Love and other drugs." Image courtesy of Cain Wheale.

"Bane. The Dark Night Rises."  Image courtesy of Cain Wheale.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Goldilocks Fashion

The Miss England title is some thing to be massively proud of. Hair, make up, nails, heels, posture, public speaking are among things to think about while competing. But for this finalist competitor (Holly Lyons) it was all in the dress! She wore a dress made of blonde locks. Hairdresser, Jodie Breedswanted to think of a way to promote herself at the Miss England contest 2012 and came up with this. Her aunt, is a dressmaker made the dress from customers who donated after their hair cut. Safe to say Holly turned a few heads in this dress!

Blonde ambition: The dress was created to be worn by a Miss England finalist in the Environmentally Friendly dress round of the beauty pageant

Cut above the rest: Model Nina Arkley wears the dress made from recycled hair by hairdresser at Jodie Breeds, left

Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Cupboard Under The Stairs...

So I've been having a nostalgic week and found my BTeC art portfolio from highschool. And man, was it heavy!

Study of a foot.
A collage study of Andy Warhol's Campbell's soup tin.

Drawing of the Cadbury Fudge sweets.