Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Eugenia Alejos - Fashion Designer & Illustrator

Eugenia Alejos was born in April, 1987, Spain. Alejos is an independent fashion designer/illustrator. She graduated with honours (BA) in the High School of Fashion in Burgos. In her final year of the course she specialised in fabrics. Her fashion line is one of a very high standard with perfect finishes and high quality fabrics. She also designs shoes and accessories to compliment her line. The accessories are minimalistic but artworks in their own right. She combines her passion for design with illustration. I think her illustrations are an extension of her thought process.

Her illustrations are very tactile pieces which incorporate a lot of different techniques and media. She uses stitch, paper, fabric on top of what look like photos and screen washed images. They have a surreal, dream like quality.

The use of peep holes in fabric with paper showing through

Machine stitch with paper and fabric

Fabric is manipulated into layers and scrunched up to create texture

Brightly coloured thread contrasts with what looks like hair on this piece

Her latest collection is a collection of metallics, knit wear and leather accessories. The contrast of wool and leather help balance out this menswear collection. Greys and blacks are injected with a flash of metallic turquoise. The way the accessories have been constructed makes me think of body armour.

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