Friday, 1 June 2018

Wine & Women: Ladies Wine & Design 1st Birthday

On Wednesday evening I headed out the the Ladies Wine & Design 1st Birthday bash. Ladies Wine & Design is an initiative to bring creative females together and you can read about it in one of my previous posts here

The event was hosted by The Biscuit Factory and we were greeted with a glass of wine on entrance (obvs) and give a name sticker with an assigned letter.  We then were taken through to the Factory Kitchen which is the restaurant section of the gallery. The assigned letter corresponded with the table we were to it at. This was a great way to get us interacting out of our usual 'friend groups.' 

We were introduced to the evening by founder of LWD Newcastle, Juli Vignette. She explained to those who had never attended a LWD event before what it's all about and the idea behind the events. Then we were told our first activity as to design a bottle of wine inspired by all of the women at our tables. We had to design the label, come up with a name & tagline, ingredients (strength, wine, sass and more amazing stuff!) and our target audience. This was such a fun and creative way for us all to get to know each other! 

We then had a little break for food (omg delicious) supplied by Factory Kitchen. Vegetarian banquet which was fit for a queen! I'll let the photos speak for themselves....

After food, we regathered again for our quiz! The quiz was in 3 parts of quotes, songs including the word 'lady' and then cropped images of famous women throughout the years. We thought we'd totally nailed this one and had it done super quick - only to find out we'd been given the answer sheet! All the women in the room found this utterly hilarious as did we. 

The winners of the table got presented with their prize of a lovely illustrated book called "Great Women in History." So appropriate and thoughtful! 

This was the end of the activities so we got a chance to network with the other tables, enjoy the awesome (female of course) @telstarrrrr ! There was women from all different areas of the creative sector of different ages which makes me so happy! Ladies Wine & Design doesn't discriminate on gender or occupation. If you're looking to broaden your creative network of lovely ladies, please check it out, give them a follow on Facebook & Instagram and try and get along to one of their next events. You'll have a blast - promise! 

Professional shots: Marion Botella Photography 

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