Monday, 12 March 2018

Snowflake Surge : Business As Usual

It's safe to say the majority of the country was hit 2 weeks back, with the most snow we've seen in a long time. Safe to say it's the most snow I've seen in my lifetime! The North is not a stranger to cold weather but this was next level. 

The snow started and kept coming, it was magical to watch it come don albeit a bit strange at the end of February/beginning of March! The big fat snowflakes came thick and fast, on and off and some days didn't stop at all. Some areas in Northumberland and higher locations were seeing considerably more than us. However, the blizzard weather combined with thunder and lightening 

As a small business, these things can unexpectedly halt supplies, mailing and much more. I wanted to make sure everyone would get their parcels on time as usual so I was walking to the post office almost daily to ensure these parcels got out to you all... 

I value each and every order that makes it to me and of course, strive to maintain the same level of customer service regardless of things out of my control. Trecking to the post office kept the business running ad usual and glad to say no parcels were delayed. Luckily, non of mine were caught in the lorries stuck on the motorway when it was closed on the Thursday and really pushed to get everything out on time! You lot kept me busy with Mother's Day orders while the snowflakes were piling up outside.  Business as usual despite these crazy conditions! I did feel a little nostalgic and it all shook our regular routine up a little which I didn't mind. 

At the end of a manic but fun week, I managed to make the most of the snow and enjoy a glass or two of bubbles as a reward...

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