Saturday, 3 March 2012

My Week In Paris... Day One

Hi guys... I got back from Paris on Sunday. As I said I will be giving you people a diary blog of my trip from Paris. First let me say.... It was

I'm actually have the Paris blues now since I have returned back to the UK. No point in moping so here goes!


 I got the train through to Hartlepool which was were the coach was departing from. The train guy had to help me with my case since it was so big! Full of coats,jumpers and many other layers to keep me warm in the February sub zero Paris

The train arrived at Hartlepool eventually with anticipation of what would be awaiting in Paris

We set off for Paris! First stop was Dover port top get the ferry

We stopped off at a service station for a bathroom break and a well deserved stretch and a bite to eat. I was wide awake the whole way, clearly overcome with excitement

We arrived at Dover. Boarded the ferry, which was my first time on a ferry
We arrived at Indigo to set up the work ready for the show

Van unloading at Indigo

We eventually arrived in our hotel which is a chain called Hotel Ibis/Hotel Ibis Paris La Villette Cite Des Sciences 19Eme. It was by the canal which was cool.
From then we unpacked our case, refreshed our self with a shower and got ready for some well deserved food and drinks!

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