Thursday, 15 March 2012

My Week In Paris... Day Four


So it's day four and we're hadn't even put a dent in our 'To Do List.' So today we decided to go to the Louvre (which of course has to be done when in Paris.) I had always thought that the building behind the famous glass pyramids was the actual gallery itself but it is not. You go into the glass pyramid and below ground level. And this place is huuuge. I mean huge. Some big ass gallery this is!

Inside the Louvre

The world famous Mona Lisa

I was shocked to find out that the Mona Lisa is probably not much bigger that a sheet of A4 paper. I was expecting a huge canvas but that wasn't the case. So it seems size doesn't matter...


After soaking up the art in the Louvre, we visited some vintage shops in Paris...

We found this amazing vintage store called Kiliwatch with a range of high end vintage clothes and new clothes. There wasn't enough hours in the day to look around this store! Everywhere you looked there was amazing clothes! If I go back to Paris I will be defiantly be raiding this store! I seen an awesome fully studded leather jacket, adorable cute dresses and huge snug fur coats. And surprisingly this shop had a huge men's selection of clothes which is quite hard to find in Paris.

Kiliwatch Vintage Store
After the vintage stores we hit the Pompidou Centre. Its a mixture of contemporary and traditional art of all forms.

 The view from inside the Pompidou Centre

Street art below outside the Pompidou Centre


The restaurant inside the Pompidou Centre

All the below images are pieces from the Pompidou Centre and I do not claim them as my work in any way.

Myself under a giant mushroom (instillation)

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