Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Edible Fashion

Hey everyone,

Just a quick update since I'm crazy busy screen printing all week in preperation to make my cushion. Printing, printing, printing. Anyway... On my way to uni most mornings I grab a free Metro newspaper and read it on the train. I found this tiny article eye catching and intriguing.

This dress was designed by Australian fashion designer and chef Roland Trettl. It is made out of seaweed and octopus. I think tge octopus looks amazing round the neckline but isn't very appropriate for day to day wear for obvious reasons.

The dress was designed for a collection of (Apx 50) photographs to be shown at The Communications Museum in berlin. The exhibtion started on October 29th 2011 and will end on January 29th 2012. The photographs were created by Trettl and photographer, Helge Kirchberger.

This concept truly takes "edible art" to new lengths! Other photographs shown edible fashion depicting vegetabless, fish skin and other food.

Trettl works at Ikarus Resturaunt. Check out the web page to see which guest chef's are working there this month!

Hope you like it! Leave comments... If you hate it or love it...?
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